We’re Wax Dream, a high energy psych/ garage tinged rock and pop band from Houston, Tx. Formerly known as The Share Fire, we are trying to make the most smooth and least confusing transition possible so please bear with us while we evolve. Our new line-up has Quinn Decker out from behind the kit on guitar and vocals, Nick Dow also on guitar and vocals, Connor Mitchell on bass, and Chris Collier on drums.

Our first song since the name change, “Gossamer,” was released October 27th, 2017. More new music will be coming soon in 2018. We’re currently in the studio recording our debut self-titled EP. We are slowly finding our sound and hope to be all over the spectrum to a certain degree. We appreciate any feedback and can’t wait to expand our horizons with all of you lovely people. Really, we’re just out here to have a good time so come hang at a show!